Robertson Garden Outdoor Tables
Robertson Garden Aerial View
Sourthen Highlands Forest
Robertson Garden Outdoor Chairs
Robertson View Scenery
Robertson Garden Outdoor Table
Robertson Garden Outdoor Tables
Robertson Garden Outdoor Tables
Robertson Garden Outdoor Wedding
Robertson Garden Outdoor Wedding

grounds & gardens

Impeccably maintained, the gardens and grounds of the Robertson Hotel sprawl across 14 acres, and are filled with age-old trees and magical surprises, such as the Grotto, which was built by the Franciscan Friars during their tenure here in the 1940s.

Heritage rainforest surrounds the gardens, and leads you to the hotel’s private train platform. You will love exploring the lush grounds, soaking up the healing, restorative atmosphere, with fresh, clean, crisp air, an abundance of Australian native plants as well as fauna from across the Globe, and you’ll be sure to spot the odd critter or two. Think: fluffy white tailed rabbits, guinnae fowl, wombats, alpacas, chickens and trout in our lake, and that’s before you even get to your petting zoo!

Be sure to look out for the Statue of Mary, which was imported directly from the Vatican, and the statue of Pan, who is resting in the gardens with his flute. At a certain time of day, the light falls on him and he seems to come to life, just like a real little boy.

Then, there is the stunning heart shaped pond with a large fig tree at its banks, and a breathtaking escarpment where the views out to the East and the ocean are unparalleled.

We can also set up an elegant outdoor dining setting for you and your loved ones to enjoy dinner under the star-lit skies of Robertson.

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